2016 Great Pumpkin Festival Sponsors

Pumpkin Festival

2016 Holliston Sand Community Video Moments - The Great Pumpkin Festival 2016

2016 Platinum Level Sponsors
  HollistonSand National Marker Company Waterson Terminal Services Stanley Tree, 662 Great Rd, North Smithfield, RI 02896 Walgreens, 1 Eddie Dowling Highway, North Smithfield, RI  02896

2016 Gold Level Sponsors
  Wright's Dairy Farm

2016 Silver Level Sponsors
  Material Sampling Technologies Herbold Meckesheim USA Northern RI Animal Hospital Village Haven

2016 Bronze Level Sponsors
  Dunkin Donuts 941 Victory Hwy Michael P Flynn Tax Professional Crown Plumbing && Heating Daniel J. Becker Expert Landscaping Bernice F. Salzberg Real Estate Agency Luxury Cleaners, Inc. North Smithfield Urgent Care Lindy''s Tavern

2016 Other Sponsors
  Catherine A. Hall, Attorney at Law Leeway True Value Hardware, 790 Great Road, North Smithfield, RI  02896 Goodwin Bros. Farm, 466 Greenville Road, North Smithfield, RI  02896

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